One of the primary goals of the board of trustees is to ensure the appropriate and efficient use of all SCYDA resources -- a job that we take very seriously. The board regularly reviews expenditures to ensure all expenses can be justified and are appropriate to our mission. All staff and board members serve on a volunteer basis; therefore, 100% of all donations are used to support SCYDA and its projects. In fact, many board members make significant to our foundation regularly. 


As a 501(c)3 corporation all donations to SCYDA are tax deductible. 


We realize that our activities may have the greatest benefit for those with the least resources, and we will make every effort to assist families who need it. Since we are a new charity our ability to offset the actual internal cost of our activities is limited. As our financial condition improves, through the generous support of our donors, our ability to offer targeted support to individuals/families in need will be enhanced. In the interim, we are offering a novel approach to ensure camp attendance is possible for all. These include:

1) A fund raising package offered to all who need help paying tuition,

2) An internet based fund raising platform to allow family and friends make small contributions toward the tuition on behalf of a designated camper

3) The ability of any donors to designate that their donation be used only for camp scholarships.


The board of trustees places a high priority on the affordability of camp attendance and makes every effort, including personal financial donations to SCYDA, to make camp attendance impossible for some.

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